About Vatsy – Bespoke Life Casting Artist

We capture your precious moment into a bespoke keepsake

I make bespoke lifecasting sculptures for premium clients to capture their most precious m0ments for eternity. 
– Vatsy

Hi, my name is Vatsala, the Founder of Belly memoirs. Belly memoirs is a bespoke life casting studio based in Selangor, Malaysia. We make bespoke 3D sculptures that preserve your precious memory of your loved ones for eternity. We specialize in high definition Belly Casting.

Belly memoirs was an accidental journey, it started to give me the liberty to continue something close to my heart. Not only that, it was a healing hobby that helped me cope with the trauma of listening to the survivors of domestic violence who reached out to me for support. It always felt good and recharged as I cast a pregnant belly while the baby moved in the mommy’s tummy the smell of the newborn while I moulded the tiny feet and fingers Or an elderly couple clasping their hands as the proof of their everlasting love on earth.

The idea sparked as I watched a viral video of a mirror mosaic belly casting on social media. I was fascinated by the keepsake because if only I knew this existed 2 years ago as I conceived after battling infertility for 8 years . It kept playing in my mind before I started searching about it online and learning to do the cast. It started off with a mannequin and lots of wasted materials and casts before I got it right. I wanted to give a high quality bespoke premium keepsake to my clients.

Today I celebrate the life in a pregnancy to capturing the casts of departed loved ones. I aspire to expand my business all over Malaysia as a franchise in 5 years to come to provide an employment opportunity to survivors of Domestic Violence who are rebuilding their life.

Bespoke Lifecasting Artist
Belly Memoirs