3D Baby Hand & Foot Casting

We capture your precious moment into a bespoke keepsake

Newborn Series

“Once you hold them in your arms ,the smell of a newborn and the soft touch of your baby’s hands & feet is a feel you want to cherish in your heart forever” – Belly Memoirs

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The 3D casts of these tight fists & crouched toes can be made safely even as early as day one of birth. The keen desire to get the 3D baby hand & foot casting can be felt the moment you hold your bundle of joy in your arms for the first time. Just the touch of your baby’s tiny hands & feet fills your heart with love & care & nothing else can compare with this feeling. The moment seems so cherished that you wished the time stood still. The beautiful feeling of becoming a parent brings great happiness along with extreme responsibility & you feel so ready to enjoy it all. First Impression specializes in providing best hand & foot casting services that help you preserve this precious moment forever.