Holding the memory of my son in a coffin box

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Holding the memory of my son in a coffin box

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A Valentine to remember – 14.02.2019

This day was my most emotional moment as a Bespoke life casting artist. I just casted the hand’s of a dead son with his mother. This defeats my job title as a “Life” casting artist and i don’t even know if what i did was right or wrong. I did it as a mother for another mother who longed to capture her sons last moment. That little hands that she held when he was born till now, that little hands that touched her face to tell her how much he loves her and gripped when he was in pain .This hands will be burned to ashes tomorrow and she will never be able to ever feel him anymore. I sit here, tearing while writing this down not as a artist but a mom.

I am very much emotionally affected by this, i was shaking, I was in fear, I was doubting if I was ever doing the right thing. I started Belly Memoirs MY because I wanted to celebrate life in a women. My signature bespoke art was the pregnant belly casting and I ventured into baby’s and adults later on. I celebrated life and precious moments until i was put forward to a request of the mother of a dying child. She glorified me, she puts me up there on her inspiring women list, But she crashed all that today. She is my inspiration. Her will power, her strength, her wisdom.

I don’t care if i did the right thing, but I fulfilled the wish of a mom to cast her last moments with her son. I don’t even know if i would ever do this again, i am still weak and emotionally down with what i did as a mother myself. I cannot bare the pain of losing my child and if this is going to give her the happiness, i would never doubt my decision ever. This is my best moment as a Bespoke life casting artist. I celebrate life to death. Today as I reposted this, I told myself, I will do this again many more times. Some stories are close to my heart. This was one of it .


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